What is glamping?

What even IS glamping? The short answer is that it’s glamor + camping, or glamorous camping.

Many of the glamping websites out there are for interesting, beautiful accomodations where you just need to bring an overnight bag and you’re all set. Maybe some food, too.

Those are lovely and fun, but sometimes what you want is to DIY camp in cozy comfort surrounded by nature and pretty gear.

We are here for those glampers.

Whether you have a nylon Coleman tent or a canvas bell tent, a humble pop-up or a cute vintage trailer, a fully decked out Airstream or a renovated Glamper, we want to be an inspiration for creating delightful camping memories.

And if we come across a truly special or inexpensive glamping location where you don’t have to bring your lodgings with you, we’ll share that, too.

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