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10 great folding camp chairs for glamping

While a plethora of folding camp chairs are available for your average camper, finding cute ones is a lot more challenging. In my searches I generally find boring ones in uninspiring colors (or camo, which is a print I don’t generally associate with glamping, but you might). Style and design is pretty lacking, too. One exception is chairs made for children. You can find some variety among those!

Here is a list of some that I’ve found. While portability might not be as important if you are unpacking your car and leaving everything in your camp, it’s worth thinking about if you are camping near a lake or pool. I tried to focus on design, style, and comfort in this list.

Cute folding camp chairs you can throw in a bag

This black, grey, and aqua chair from Moer Sky packs into a compact 4.3×13.4 inch bag that you could totally throw into a tote. The weight limit is listed as 330 lbs and the chair itself is a mere 2 lbs. It gets 4 1/2 stars from reviewers who say that it’s also easy to assemble. Other colors are available.

This is similar to the first chair on the list. This one is a spring green color from Awenia. Super portable at just 2.5 lbs and measures 13.8×4.9×3.9 inches when tucked into the included bag. Weight limit is 260 lbs. It’s quick to assemble, but so far there have been limited reviews giving it 5 stars.

A folding lounge chair that lets you put your feet up

This chair looks pretty relaxing. It appears to be mostly made of mesh and includes a cup holder and a teeny pillow. When folded, it measures 35x7x7 inches and is rated for up to 250 pounds. You can choose to sit up or recline. Reviewers give 4 stars.

“Sport-Brella” reclining chair with a foot rest

This rather sporty chair comes with a parasol for a bit of shade. It reclines and has a removable/adjustable footrest. Other features include an insulated pocket that holds up to four drinks, a bottle opener, and a cup holder It gets 3 1/2 stars since apparently some reviewers have had issues with them breaking. Weight limit is 250 lbs. It folds to 8x8x39 inches. The umbrella is removable.

Classic Rio RAINBOW beach chair that can lay flat

Beach chairs just ooze summer vibes for me. We always had them around for lakeside cookouts. This chair comes in rainbow and all sorts of other prints. There is a towel bar on the back for the beach or pool. Note that these are pretty low to the ground, so your legs can stretch out a bit. These chairs fold flat but don’t collapse. There is a carrying handle. Weight limit is 250 and it folds to 30.5×24.75×9. Reviews give it 4 stars.

Pretty butterfly chair

Butterfly chairs seem to generally be boring. Many people glam them up by tossing a real or faux sheepskin or fake fur on them. But this one needs no doctoring to be pretty. It’s definitely more expensive than the other options on this list. The cover is cotton and handcrafted in India by local artists in Rajasthan. You can even get a custom order from them. There are no details about weight limits and no reviews as yet.

The same company sells an adorable pouf that would be a fun addition your tent as well!

A different beach chair

This beach chair has a little pillow and five reclining options including flat. It holds 250 lbs but only weighs 7. It also offers a zippered storage pouch (with a hole for earphones!). This one comes with a cup holder and a collapsible towel bar. 4 stars. Any chairs you can take to the beach can also be folding camp chairs!

Zero gravity recliner with canopy

A comfortable-looking chair with a sun shade and a drink tray. This one can hold a little more weight than some others at 360 lbs. It folds to 6.25x38x31 inches. It gets 3 1/2 stars from reviewers, one who notes that they seem pretty sunfade-resistant. This one comes in five colors.

Mantis camping chair from Alite Designs

I really love the blue dots version of this chair! It’s a nylon-sling style on an aluminum frame. It folds to a compact size to fit into the accompanying stuff sack and weighs just shy of 2 lbs with a 250 lb weight limit. Dimensions are approximately 17x6x5 when folded. Reviewers give it 4 stars.

Director stool or footrest

Not quite a chair, this folding stool collapses to a diminutive size and packs a whole bunch of cute. HOWEVER! There are no reviews and the description is a very iffy. Be warned. The price is very good, though.

Bonus #1: Quilted two-person hammock by Lazy Daze

I know I said this was going to be about chairs, but hammocks are so campy! This hammock is pretty, not terribly expensive and looks very comfortable. It can hold up to 450 lbs (obviously you will need to check your supporting device/tree size when you set it up). The spreader bars are 55 inches long, and when rolled up it’s about 7 inches thick. It gets 4 1/2 stars. The steel or wood hammock stands are sold separately, as are the straps.

Bonus #2: Double-sized sling hammock from Rincon

Ready to go with included straps, this lightweight hammock is made of parachute nylon. This one is really sturdy and the hammock can handle 500-800 lbs, while the straps are rated for 1000 lbs. The lazy floral print is my favorite, and very glamper-friendly. 5 stars. Under $40 and has a lifetime warranty. There is a small stuff sack that is attached so it doesn’t get lost in your camping gear. Weight is approximately 2 lbs.

This list is by no means exhaustive. If you have a favorite chair that you use for camping, please let me know! I feel like pretty camping chairs might be an untapped market.

I would also love to hear how you make your chairs more comfortable or glamorous.

Happy glamping!

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